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Serving since 2014, current VA District 33 Delegate Dave LaRock has made a career out of sponsoring bills that regulate women’s bodies with medically incorrect anti-choice bills, anti-immigration, and anti-LGBT legislation. He is a Betsy DeVos “school choice” supporter – just look at this legislative record. In fact, you will see that he has had 0% bills enacted. Take a look at his Twitter feed that is filled with statistically incorrect “research” that is uses its own set of “alternative facts.”

Campaign Issues for “Da Rock”

  • LaRock  who is on the Transportation Committee is making Transportation a key issue in this election. Read his rant on Liberal activists and his opponent, Tia Walbridge.
  • He is anti-union and for “right to work” laws. He is against raising the minimum wage. “I’ll work to keep our Right-to-Work status over caving to unions and against an artificially high minimum wage.”


Wrote Dave on March 19, 2018: “The recent school walk out, organized by a few far-left activists promoting their extreme political agenda to a captive audience, operating through the public school system, during school time, wasting the time of school employees, all on taxpayer’s dime, ABSOLUTELY NOT !”  Quoted in this Breitbart article he said that …teachers are “imposing their own personal views — very often their pretty extremely liberal views — on kids through lessons and comments and sometimes even bullying kids that don’t agree with their liberal viewpoint,” LaRock said.

“It’s just very, very inappropriate and wrong,” LaRock said, citing an example of a local school teacher who signed up to be a coordinator for the walkout on a website using her school e-mail address. He added in a reply to a comment: “This last Enough walk out appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. The left is clearly bent on recruiting and weaponizing kids all the way down to pre-K as per the Empower website. School administrators will have their hands full.”
The students explained to him that it was not a teacher’s email address but a student’s email. He did not retract his false statement or apologize. Rather, he then threatened action against students for using a school email on a “political” website and tagged a couple people presumably from the school system.


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