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Party: Republican

Serving since 2014, current VA District 33 Delegate Dave LaRock has made a career out of sponsoring bills that regulate women’s bodies with medically incorrect anti-choice bills, anti-immigration, and anti-LGBT legislation. He is a Betsy DeVos “school choice” supporter – just look at this legislative record. In fact, you will see that he has had 0% bills enacted. Take a look at his Twitter feed that is filled with statistically incorrect “research” that is uses its own set of “alternative facts.”

Campaign Issues for “Da Rock”

  • LaRock  who is on the Transportation Committee is making Transportation a key issue in this election. Read his rant on Liberal activists and his opponent, Tia Walbridge.
  • He is anti-union and for “right to work” laws. He is against raising the minimum wage. “I’ll work to keep our Right-to-Work status over caving to unions and against an artificially high minimum wage.”


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